Short Stories

#10 Rust & Wood

Master of the Chair #10 By Josh Perry Rust & Wood Iron Province: Hakala Region – Forest Outskirts Covered in the black armaments of a professional soldier; a lone man…

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#9 The Flower Girl

Master of the Chair #9 By Josh Perry The Flower Girl Elizabeth walks out towards the woods with a covered basket and an unflinching brightness in her glowing green eyes.…

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#8 The Cause of Our Fault

Master of the Chair #8 By Josh Perry The Cause of Our Fault “Why are you this way?” Inspector Kashida questions his restrained suspect without the slightest glimmer of respect.…

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#7 An Excess of Duty

Master of the Chair #7 By Josh Perry An Excess of Duty Lorne hasn’t slept. His back is crooked at the precise angle his home office chair requires him to…

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