Master of the Chair

Master of the Chair is a series of short-stories. I’ve called it a “series of series” as many of the stories take place within their own unique self contained universes. While each of these stories strives to be self contained in regards to the details of its plot; it may touch on something that will come up in another story within the same universe.

#1 Devil-ing

A demon is walked in upon while going about its business.

#2 Out in the Woah

Two men have hiked out to a cabin only to be put through a trial of perception.

#3 A Bigger Circle

An assassin is brought into a conflict far larger then himself.

#4 Towards A Future

The budding leader of a frozen town in the wastes walks through her world with an experienced hunter.

#5 Dazzle

An actress dreams of using her charisma for more then entertainment and gets the opportunity.

#6 Against The Lich Of Wellenia

Set in the fantasy country of Varo. This novella follows the knight Franz as he is grasped by a supernatural destiny. 

#7 An Excess of Duty

In the wake of a great tragedy; Lorne becomes recruited by a unique and nearly omniscient organization. 

#8 The Cause of Our Fault

Inspector Kashida considers the use of a controversial protocol after arresting a heinous criminal.

#9 The Flower Girl

A budding druid encounters a being who needs her help. 

#10 Rust & Wood

A brutal hero in a failed world fights against a planet wide threat; only to find it may not matter.